Finding Nemo

Posted by barb on Jun 28, 2003 in Movies |

4/5 stars

Pixar continues its tradition of fun, entertaining animation. This is the story of a clown fish trying to find his son, Nemo, after Nemo was taken by a diver. Along the way, we meet some sharks, a scary glow-fish-thing, and some surfer turtles. Very fun.

However, I remarked to Andrew that I couldn’t think of a single WOW animation moment. In A Bug’s Life, there were the leaves on the tree — each seemed to have a life of it’s own fluttering in the wind like real leaves. In Monsters, Inc., Sully’s fur was most impressive. Maybe we’ve gotten spoiled. Maybe we’re just taking it for granted now. Don’t get me wrong, the animation was incredible, and I was duly impressed.

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