Library Day

Posted by barb on Jun 7, 2003 in Thesis/Grad Life |

I spent the bulk of the day at the library doing a complete re-write of my thesis proposal. After re-reading the draft I sent Kim and Chris, I’m completely embarrassed! Chris sent me comments, and I began to wonder if we had read the same paper, but as I combed through the paper more today, and read over my stack of journal articles, I saw his point, and what I needed to do.

Andrew came with me, and I was worried that he would get bored, since the plan was to stay until the re-write was done or the library closed. It was nice to have him there, though, since he reminded me when I needed to get lunch. (We headed off to Anita’s around 12:30 PM — after I’d been working for 2.5 hours, and completed reworking the first big section.) As it turned out, he had plenty to do looking up books on how to buy a used car. He also went out to a nearby comic book store for a bit. And I finished the re-write by 3:30 PM.

I spent another 4 or so hours at home entering the re-write into LaTeX, but overall the day was very productive, and I’m happy with the resulting proposal. It’s much stronger, and more coherent than the draft I turned in on Monday.

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