Finished the front yard!

Posted by barb on Jul 5, 2003 in Uncategorized |

Since my aunt, Maggie, is coming for a visit next Sunday, I thought it was finally time to finish the front yard. So, Andrew and I went off to a local nursery this morning to pick out new shrubs. It was only 10 AM or so when we got there, but we were sweating buckets the whole time we were looking. It would be crazy for anyone to have done yard work in that kind of heat, so I told Andrew that I would probably wait until 4 or 5 PM to start the work — after the heat of the day was past.

Yeah. That lasted. I got ants in my pants at about 2 PM, so I headed out to do the work. Hmmmm…the heat usually peaks at, what? 3 PM? I could not have planned things better. On the other hand, the yard was done by 4 PM, and while I was soaked through and through, I felt really good about having it done.

Now if we can just avoid killing these shrubs…

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