Lesson 7/02/03

Posted by barb on Jul 2, 2003 in Saxophone |

Horrible lesson. We moved my lesson up an hour, to 7:30pm, because I’m usually quite tired by 8:30. Well, it backfired tonight. I needed to stay at work an extra couple hours, and then it was raining, so it took an extra 40 minutes to get home. All in all, I was about 2.5 hours behind schedule. That meant that I could either have dinner or practice/warm-up before my lesson. I chose dinner. It was the wrong choice. Since my acid reflux isn’t under control yet, dinner just made me feel barfy and belchy. And, because I didn’t warm-up first, I played like crap during my lesson.

Still working on the Mozart Minuet for next week, but moving on to work on 6/8 time and some slower pieces (to work on tone).

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