Bee in my ear!

Posted by barb on Aug 2, 2003 in Biking |

Andrew and I decided to go the “other way” on the W & OD trail today. Usually when we park in Vienna, we’ve been heading up toward Reston, but today we decided to head south/east toward Falls Church. Unfortunately we only made 6.5 miles total — there is a fairly large hill just after we pass inside the beltway, and I didn’t think I could make it. As it turns out, though, the trip home from there must have been mostly downhill, because I could have kept going.

Just after we passed back outside the beltway, I got a nasty shock. A bee flew directly into my ear! It bounced around for a moment (I stuck my finger around my ear, too, which didn’t help!), and then stung me and flew away. I really hope it’s one of those bees that dies after stinging! My ear was throbbing for the rest of the trip back to Vienna. The wind rushing past my ear just make things worse. It’s just a good thing that I’m not allergic.

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