Crafting Frenzy

Posted by barb on Aug 1, 2003 in Crafty Me |

I started my second basket yesterday. When I made the Adairondack basket a couple weeks ago, I bought a second kit from the instructor. I thought I ought to start on it before I completely forgot what I was doing. Last night I stopped after I had about 6 rows of weavers added, so that the basket started to take shape. Tonight, I couldn’t stop until I was done….

I don’t think I’m the only person who does this. Whenever I’m into a crafting or sewing project, I mean really into it, I don’t want to stop for anything. Tonight I started on my basket at about 4:30 pm. From about 5:30 pm on, Andrew started asking when he should start supper. My response was always, not yet. Finally I realized that he had never witnessed the power of crafts. I finally told him, “Honey, I’m never going to be ready for dinner until this is finished, so you should probably make dinner whenever you’re ready, and then make me have some of it.”

I have no idea when I had dinner, but I’m sure that Andrew made me have something (skipping meals is one of my migraine triggers, though I’ve never had a migraine after skipping a meal for a craft…weird). I do remember Andrew heading off to bed at about 10:30 pm (our normal bedtime is about 10 pm). I called after him that I’d be up when the basket was done. I don’t think I was much past 11 pm, but I would have stayed up however long it took.

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