Indigo Girls Concert

Posted by barb on Aug 19, 2003 in Concerts |

We went to see the Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap this evening. As always, they put on a great concert. They played several new songs from an album that should be released in early 2004. I think both Andrew and I liked all of the new pieces they played, though in particular, I liked “One Perfect World” (or just Perfect World…the memory is not what it used to be).

Unfortunately, we were seated behind the World’s Most Annoying Girls (TM). Two of them didn’t show up until the third or fourth number, and then they just had to keep talking to each other during the entire concert. The one in front of me seemed to be attempting to increase her cross-section as much as humanly possible by constantly moving from one side to the other (not in time with music or anything, just kind of spastic). Andrew and I debated whether they were on drugs or just stupid. I voted for stupid.

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