The Mother Load

Posted by barb on Aug 28, 2003 in Pictures, Random Thoughts |

Mom and Dad ended up taking Grandma (Dad’s mom) out for dinner, since she hasn’t been dealing well with Denny’s illness. (Denny is Dad’s brother, and has been fighting cancer for over a year now. He took a turn for the worse this week.) So that left Sweetie and me to figure out something.

I suggested Chevy’s, which is located conveniently across the street from the Mall of America. Sweetie wanted to look for a few things at the Mall so we went after dinner. Our trek took us past the Lego store. I was going to resist the urge to drag Sweetie into the store, but I saw from the hallway a fully constructed Star Destroyer! I thought these were only available on the web, so I had to go look!

Lego Star Destroyer


Sweetie engaged the sales guys in conversation while I drooled and snapped my picture. I vaguely remember her complaining that she doesn’t have the type of job that could have a Lego set made from it. Hmmm…”I’d like the health insurance and benefits specialist Lego set, please.” Yeah, I can see her point.

Somehow it came up that she is my “dumb friend”, and I turned to the sales guys and said, “Well, I’m an astrophysicist, so all of my friends are my ‘dumb’ friend, really.” I instantly realized that that comment made me sound somewhat…um…bitchy? elitist? stuck-up? So before they could say anything else, I piped up, “Gosh, that makes me sound really mean, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but you guys are funny, too.”

Sigh. I should really learn when to keep my mouth shut.

Oh, and I did not buy that Lego set, but I’m debating whether or not I should beg Andrew for it for Christmas.

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