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After a long day at work, I met Andrew at the Greenbelt Metro station so we could go to the Old Greenbelt Theater to see Winged Migration. The plan was to go to the Chinese restaurant next door for dinner afterwards, but half of the restaurant was taken up with a private party, so the line was fairly long. When I suggested that we head back to Vienna, and go out at someplace closer to home, Andrew happily agreed, suggesting that he might be in the mood for Lucciano’s.

It took about 5-10 minutes for us to get seated, and while we were waiting, I noticed that he was wearing his suit pants. I asked why, thinking it was a bit weird, but figured he just needed to laundry. He just said that he wanted to be a a little dressy for tonight, since we were going out. Of course, this just made me feel a bit slovenly, since I was wearing blue jeans, an oversized t-shirt and ragged fleece shirt. Sigh.

After we were seated and ordered, I went to the ladies’ room. On my way back, I noticed Patrick on the table (note on Patrick — he’s a stuffed puppy, pictured below, that Andrew gave me for Christmas 2001. I still sleep with Patrick every night, and he follows me around the house when I’m stressed or sick or just in need of a companion when Andrew isn’t around. He’s my favorite stuffed toy.) Lots of things started going through my head, the foremost of which was, “Jeez, did Andrew think I had that bad of a day? Did he think I really needed Patrick to pick up my spirits? And if he did, why didn’t he bring him out sooner?”

Patrick the proposing puppy
Patrick the proposing puppy.

When I sat down, I gave Andrew the, “what’s this all about?” look. He said, “Patrick is concealing something under his front paw.”

I pulled up Patrick’s paw, and saw a box of Godiva Chocolate. Looking further, I came across the box. The ring box. While I was pulling out the ring box, Andrew said, “Patrick and I have something to ask you. Will you spend a lot more time with us?”

I think I said “yes”. I know I pulled the ring out and put on it. I nearly started crying, but forced myself to keep it together.

The ring!

An after-the-proposal-note: After dinner, we were waiting for the check, and the manager came by. He looked questioningly at my hands clutching the box of chocolates on the table, and Andrew indicated that I hadn’t been wearing the ring before we came in that evening. The manager said that he was going to remember this, and anytime we came in together, he was going to make sure we got that table. He’s the kind of person who might just do that, too.

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