Writing Class – Class #4

Posted by barb on Nov 13, 2003 in Writing |

Since I shared a piece at last week’s class, I figured I wouldn’t have to this week. I did bring something, but it wasn’t my best work. In fact, I had just thrown it together last night, edited it briefly this morning, and left it at that. Ugh. For the most part, it seemed to go over well, but not nearly as well as the piece last week.

The instructor has decided to teach Short Stories 2 next semester, and she’s only going to let students already enrolled in our class into the class next semester. I’m looking forward to it, because then I’ll get to see how some of these stories end.

Also, Shannon and I have decided to get together outside class to talk about our writing. Yay! She was the only person in the class that I felt drawn to, and oddly enough, she seemed to have the same idea. She won’t be at next week’s class, so we exchanged numbers tonight. Hopefully we’ll get together the first week in December. That means I’ll be responsible to someone for writing something new every week.

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