Quiet Monday with the Fam

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The day after Christmas, I was paging through the newspaper and saw a weird item in the Metro Section of the Star Tribune. The headline read, Chimney puts squeeze on Christmas crime caper. Reading further, it seemed that a man had been stuck down a chimney in Minneapolis. At Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore. Hey, wait. I shop at Uncle Hugo’s! I know that place.

Andrew looked up the story in the Pioneer Press, too, and their article had a few more details: Down the Chimney He Fell…

I bring that up because today was our day to go to Uncle Hugo’s. I was worried that they might not be open because of the incident, but my fears were unfounded. Mom came with Andrew and me to look at the adjoining Uncle Edgar’s Bookstore (new and used mysteries). While there, we discovered that while UH has insurance to cover the hole in the chimney the fire department made to get the guy out, they have a $1k deductible. I’m concerned because these small, independent bookstores have been disappearing. I’d hate to see UH go. Andrew and I did our part to help them along, though 🙂

In the evening, we had planned dinner with my brothers and their families, as well as my two Grandmothers. Andrew had previously met Farm Grandma at Wayne’s funeral, so the only person he hadn’t yet met was Grandma Mattson. Frankly I was worried whether or not she would behave, but she did. The evening went quite well. Grandma Mattson had even brought an engagement present for us.

Me and Andrew with an engagement gift from Grandma
It’s hard to see in the picture, but we are holding a little girl and boy figurine.

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