Y tu mamá también

Posted by barb on Dec 6, 2003 in Movies |

0.5/5 stars

I watched this movie on the recommendation of a friend who usually picks great movies. Not this time. I was tempted throughout this movie to just turn it off — by the time we got to the end, I wished we had turned it off.

Ana Morelos hears disturbing news from her doctor, and the same evening she receives a drunken phone call from her husband who confesses to cheating on her. She decides to take up two teenaged boys on their offer that she accompany them on a road trip to a secret beach.

The story is old — someone finds out they have a terminal illness and decide to go on one last fling. In this case, it’s given a somewhat disturbing wrapper of a 30-something woman going on a road trip with two teenagers, both of whom lust after her. Intertwined into the story are short interludes with narration about various other people who peripherally come in contact with the boys — for example, they passed an accident scene and we heard about the man who had been hit. Andrew saw these as a means to show how our stories are all intertwined with others, but each of these interludes told of some tragedy or sadness, so I saw it as a means to show us how life sucks for everyone.

I can’t recommend this one.

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