AAS, Day 4

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I woke up bright and early, thinking I’d take a nice, long, hot shower. After letting the water run for 15 minutes in hopes of getting that hot shower, I gave up, quickly ducked in to wash my hair, and then shivered for the next 10 minutes trying to recover. Sigh. One might think that a Hilton hotel (normal nightly rate of $178/night) would have hot water. One would be wrong.

After getting myself dressed and ready to go, I headed up to the Starbucks across from the conference site, as had been my habit each morning this week. Unfortunately, this morning was record cold, and everyone in Atlanta had the idea to get a hot drink before work. The line took up the entire store, so I turned around and went right to the Hyatt for the conference. I decided to stop in the hotel’s coffee shop for a chai, and was terribly disappointed by it — they hardly put any flavoring in, so it was rather tasteless.

Not a good morning all-in-all.

The conference was quiet. Jim came by and mentioned that one of the posters was about taking variations in BL Lac objects and turning them into music. They had brought a CD player, so you could actually hear the music. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the poster, and then got distracted by the Astronomy To Go booth — a vendor with lots of cool astronomy stuff. Between my two stops at the booth, I picked up a couple pairs of astronomy socks, a barrette, earrings for Maggie, an ear cuff, and a book for Andrew. Dangerous place.

The day was quiet, and we started tearing down the booths at 4 PM. I was back in my room by 5 PM, resting up for my evening with Jim and Maggie.

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