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We’ve interviewed two photographers, and while the work both presented us with was nice, we decided to go with the second one, based on personality.

Photographer I

The photographer we called was not actually available for our wedding date, but he had another photographer that he often worked with who would do the wedding for us, with him acting as contractor. We met with both the photographer and contractor on Feb 14 (yup, Valentine’s Day).

The meeting stretched to an hour and a half, but mainly because the photographer kept bringing us on meaningless tangents. She was very concerned with make-up, which to me is not something that we needed to discuss until just before the wedding, not on the first meeting.

While the contractor’s prices were within our budget, we were not overly impressed with the photographer. If the contractor himself had been available for the wedding, however, we likely would have hired him.

Photographer II

We arranged to meet with Photographer II on Feb 21, a week after meeting the first one. By that time, I had started disliking the first one more and more, and was concerned that all photographers near our price range would annoy me. However we were pleasantly surprised with Photographer II.

We met him near the Bethesda Metro station at the Hyatt Hotel’s lobby. This meeting also stretched to more than an hour and a half, but this photographer’s tangents were interesting and often related to his photography (no discussion of make-up, thank you very much). He was also very excited about the chance to photograph a wedding in a dimmed planetarium. He had already thought about the challenge, and decided that perhaps the best way to deal with it would be to have him take flash pictures (if the officiant allows it) and his wife take natural-light pictures. That way, we would certainly have pictures that turned out, and perhaps have some with the “starlight” as well.

Overall, his prices are going to be more than the other photographer we interviewed. However, we don’t have to worry about paying for the reprints and albums until after the wedding, so I look at that as an after-wedding expense, rather than as part of the wedding budget. We can save up for it separately after the wedding.

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