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Mushi and Sweetie (my bridesmaids) came up this weekend so that we could either find dresses or patterns and fabric for their dresses. I’m not a picky bride — I wanted them to wear something navy, but that was my only real stipulation. I wanted them to wear something they’d be comfortable in, and frankly didn’t care if they had the same dress or not.

I got them out of bed around 10AM so we could get out of the house by 11 and on our way. The original plan had been for them to make dresses, but we decided to go to the mall and see if we could find something off the rack. Barring that, we could at least get some ideas as to what styles we liked, what looked good on them, and what was hideous while disguised as fashionable.

We started at Bloomingdale’s, because it was the closest entrance to the car. They didn’t have anything. Next was Nordstrom’s, which had a dress to try on, but in the wrong color. Plus, they didn’t have Mushi’s size, so it was irrelevant.

By then we were ready for lunch. I took us to Luciano’s, since it was on the way to the next anchor store, and their food is really good. (Plus, Andrew proposed to me in the Luciano’s in Oakton, so it seemed appropriate).

Lord & Taylor was next. They had a dress that both Mushi and Sweetie liked. Sweetie looked great in the dress, but unfortunately, Mushi’s dress was just a smidgen too small. We didn’t see one in a larger size on the rack. Sweetie could just get the dress, and we could keep looking for a matching navy for Mushi. Instead, we asked the sales clerk if perhaps they would have one in a larger size. “No,” she said, “but they might have other formal dresses downstairs.” But not this dress? “No, not this dress.”

We decided to have her hold the dress, so that we could at least get it if we didn’t find something better downstairs. We trudged to the escalator, disappointed that we were so close to a dress, but not for both girls. We started browsing the section the sales clerk upstairs had indicated, but at first found no formal dresses. Then, way in the back, there were two racks. And what did we behold? The very dress we’d been looking at upstairs. In a larger size. That fit Mushi. That looked fabulous on Mushi.

That was it. We had two matching dresses that both Mushi and Sweetie liked. Off the rack. In less than 4 hours. They even claimed they would wear them again.

I’m not holding my breath 🙂

Mushi in her dress   Sweetie in her dress

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