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I poked the girls out of bed around 10AM (though the clocks still said 9 — I should have changed them last night). We went to Anita’s for breakfast…er…brunch. Anita’s is a New Mexican restaurant in town, that even has green chile (my favorite, and hard to come by anywhere in the States besides the Southwest). Mushi lived in NM, too, so I’m going to try to take her to Anita’s every time she’s in town.

After that, Mushi headed home. She had a 6-hour drive in front of her, and work early tomorrow morning. At least we accomplished our mission.

Sweetie, Andrew and I went down to the Mall to see the cherry blossoms. Even though we were a few days past peak and it’s been windy and rainy the past few days, the blossoms were still quite lovely.

Cherry Blossoms    Me and Andrew at the cherry blossom festival

Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera only lasted long enough for these two pictures. The spare batteries were also drained (oops! I need to be better about recharging my batteries!). So, we walked back to the Mall, Andrew bought a cheesy one-time-use camera (not Kodak, but in a yellow box just the same…though it did have Kodak film).

After Sweetie got more pictures of the blossoms, we walked to the American History Museum where I was in search of a good Washington DC book for kids. Sweetie also needed to see the Ruby Slippers. We also stopped in the Chasing Venus exhibit — and exhibit covering the transits of Venus from 1631 to now. There will be another one in June this year.

Finally we returned home, exhausted from being out in the wind all day. A bit of Chinese delivery, a couple episodes of Coupling, and we were more than ready for bed.

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