Hotel room secured

Posted by barb on May 7, 2004 in Wedding |

We’ve been talking with the Sheraton Suites that is just across the street from our reception about getting a block of rooms for guests. Andrew also tried two other hotels nearby, but one took too much time to get back to us, and the other, while they had a somewhat better price than the Sheraton, does not have a pool nor are the rooms suites.

So, I went to the Sheraton today with the contract signed and in hand. The contract doesn’t actually obligate us to anything, but just says that guests will be responsible for their own rooms and any rooms not reserved by August 18 will be released.

After visiting the hotel, I went to the Torpedo Factory to grab a bunch of DC and Alexandria tourist guides. I had contacted the publishers of these guides and asked them to send several so I could send them off to my wedding guests who are travelling to the area, but I haven’t seen them in the mail yet (it’s been over a month).

Now I just need to compose the letter to send with the travel info…

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