Stop calling me!

Posted by barb on May 3, 2004 in Random Thoughts |

Ack! What recourse does a person have against calls from a fax machine? Every once in a while I’ll come home to find five messages one the machine that consist of “beep….beep…beep…” Now, the past couple weeks that I’ve worked from home, I’ve been getting calls from a fax machine.

Normally I would just not answer the phone, and then if it happened to be a “real person” I’d call them right back. Today, though, I’m waiting for a couple wedding-related calls from people who aren’t necessarily in their offices much, so I’m left answering the phone. One set started around noon, with a call every ten minutes for a total of about three calls. Now I just had another one.

I’ve *69ed the calls to get a phone number, but of course a reverse look-up comes up empty…oh, and the calls today are from a different number than the ones last week. Sigh. Off to answer the phone again.

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