Wedding Dream

Posted by barb on May 2, 2004 in Wedding |

This wasn’t my first wedding dream, but it was the most vivid, though the details are already fading…

The ceremony has just ended, and Andrew and I are walking out of the planetarium. About that time I realize that the lights had not been dimmed — the stars had not been up for the whole ceremony. So, I wonder why we bothered with the planetarium in the first place.

When we get out, we are called back so that our guests can do three special things for us. We walk back into the planetarium, which has turned into a large amphitheater, and the audience has grown. When we walk in, we get a toast by one of my cousins — that was apparently the first of the three things. Sadly I don’t remember the second, but the third was a video of me and Andrew. Andrew and I settled ourselves in on a grassy area on the side of the amphitheater in front of one of the large-screen TVs playing the video.

As we’re laying there, snuggled up, I realize that this would be a good picture, and I wonder why I haven’t seen the photographer snapping pictures. I un-snuggle myself, and leave Andrew watching the video as I go in search of the photographer or wedding coordinator. Neither one is there…neither one has shown up.

I run back to find my phone numbers for them, and find Dad on the way. I give him the numbers, and ask if he can call and light a fire under our coordinator’s butt. He says no. “What’s wrong with you?” I scream at him. “Grandma just died, ” he answered.

Now, I think about it, and realize that Grandma had been in the hospital in Minnesota while the wedding was going on, but that everyone, all of my aunts and uncles, were with us at the wedding. I have a moment of remorse about her dying alone, and give Dad a big hug.

Then I call the coordinator and start to yell, asking her where she is and where the photographer is. They got lost, is the answer, but should be there in just a little bit. I tell them it’s too late, and they should just meet us at the reception.

The part about Grandma being in the hospital came from finding out that she was hospitalized yesterday. She had gotten very dehydrated, had low potassium and low sodium in her system, so will be in for a day or two while they get her levels back up. She’s going to be just fine, but she keeps saying things like, “If I’m still around for the wedding,” to family memebers, so that’s probably where her dying came from.

Can’t I just be married now?

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