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I’ve tried not to complain about my commute here, because I know that many people have worse commutes, plus I only commute three days per week, and this commute was my choice (sort of*). But I’m starting to find myself driving more and more paranoid as the weeks go on. I’ve been doing this commute for just about two years, and I’m just certain that if I do it long enough I’m going to get into a terrible accident.

Now, anytime I pass a car (which is frequently), I’m just certain that I notice that car drifting over the lane divide into my car. This is especially bad when I’m passing a car on each side. This is not a good way to drive. Cautious is good; paranoid is bad.

Perhaps part of the problem is that it’s summer, now, and my air conditioning has gone out again. Last year I had it recharged and it worked for the season, but now it’s not working again, and I’m just not ready to put several hundred dollars into a 12-year-old car.

Sigh. I just need to find a job that lets me sleep late, work from home, and still make a decent living. What do you think the chances are?

* In fact, the commute part wasn’t really part of the choice. It was my choice to move in with my fiance, and our choice to move to Virginia rather than Maryland for a few good reasons:

  1. Andrew didn’t have a driver’s license when we moved, so he would have had to take Metro from Maryland to Herndon — a 1.5 hour (at least) affair each way
  2. The volume of traffic going from Virginia to Maryland is about an order of magnitude less than that going from Maryland to Virginia, so my commute is much, much better than Andrew’s would have been
  3. Since much of my work is done independently, and since I have a much better computer at home than at work, I can telecommute a couple days per week, which Andrew may not have been able to do, especially with his “new” job

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