Posted by barb on Jul 22, 2004 in Movies |

3/5 stars

This was a fun movie, with lots of great music (of course). It follows the life of Cole Porter from his days of obscurity in Paris to his time in Hollywood as a famous, well-loved creator of musicals to his riding accident that nearly lost him his legs.

The one main problem with the film is that I am never convinced by the “older” characters. Kevin Kline and Ashely Judd sport a lot of make-up to make themselves look old, and while they look convincing, the acting never quite matches the age. This is true of any other movie I’ve seen where an actor plays a significantly older person. Perhaps it’s because I know better…perhpas it’s because the make-up never quite comes out right (in this case, it seemed too “hard”)…perhaps it’s because actors just aren’t comfortable in roles that require them to play someone so much closer to the end of their lives.

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