Fahrenheit 9/11

Posted by barb on Jul 15, 2004 in Movies |

4/5 stars

This movie just made me mad. Not at Moore (though I was quite pissed at him after his little tirade at the Academy Awards in 2003), but at our government. I’ve already been mad at the government for allowing Bush to bully his way into Iraq, and then for not admitting that they made a mistake and that they have not planned far enough in advance to have enough troops to take care of Iraq with a minimum of lives lost. I’m still mad that they keep telling us that Iraq is better off today than before they ousted Hussein. That’s just not true, and anyone who believes it does not have their eyes open to what’s going on over there.

But the movie made me even more angry that Bush is able to get away with all of this all for the purpose of lining not only his friends’ pockets, but his family’s as well. I don’t understand why Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair, but Bush is able to get away with high level corruption and murder of our troops for the love of money. I can only hope that after the next election we will have a strongly Democratic governement that will not be afraid to prosecute Bush for his crimes.

It’s hard to say that I “enjoyed” the film, but it was well done. There are some complaints that it sprinkles scenes that are too light-hearted in amongst the carnage. I almost think that it was necessary, though, because I certainly couldn’t have sat through scene after scene of mamed and destroyed people. I’m not going to write a full review of the film — others have done that, and better than I could do: Pharyngula, Preposterous Universe, Scaryduck, Salon.com, “pro” review, Salon.com, “con” review, Salon.com, G.I. perspective.

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