Stepford Wives (2004)

Posted by barb on Jul 1, 2004 in Movies |

3/5 stars

I’m not burdoned with having seen the original, so I had no expectations in mind. This remake took a more humorous path than the original (or so I’ve heard), and I thought it was fun. Great cinema? No. Fun? Yes.

Nicole Kidman did a credible job, but I kept thinking that Meg Ryan might have been better (that, and Kidman kept reminding me of Ryan). Bette Midler was fun as a angst-filled author, mother and wife. Matthew Broderick’s performance came and went — he’s good at the goofy, nerdy-type, but, as Andrew pointed out, at the climax, his delivery was somewhat wooden.

There were more holes in the plot than we could count, but it was still an enjoyable diversion for an evening.

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