After-work ride

Posted by barb on Aug 19, 2004 in Biking, Pictures |

I’ve started feeling a bit restless and couped-up, so I dragged Andrew and me out on our bikes tonight. It was 93 degrees with 70% humidity and a 40% chance of severe scattered showers (though the sky looked clear). I didn’t care…I needed to get out.

We loaded the bikes on his car and drove up to the W&OD trail in Vienna and headed off toward the southeast. Considering neither of us has been biking for aobut a month, I think we did fairly well. We made it up the hill just past where the trail crosses the Beltway (though I did have to walk up about a quarter of the hill…on the other hand, that’s further up the hill than I’ve ever made it on the bike).

I made us stop on the Beltway bridge on the way back. My hope was to get a picture of a car or two passing under us, but only managed blank street. The traffic wasn’t dense enough, I guess. But I still think the picture looked kind of cool:
View of the beltway

Total miles: 6.7

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