Busy Day

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We started the day by cleaning our basement carpet. My adorable cat, Ares, thinks that he’s a wild cat, needing to mark his territory, and we wanted to see if we could get some of it out of the carpet. I don’t think we did much, but it was worth a shot.

Next we went out shopping. My secret goal was to get everything on my list that’s left to buy for the wedding. That was a bit over ambitious, but we did get quite a few things on the list. A trip to Target and World Market later this week will probably take care of another few things on the list.

On our way home from shopping, I stopped at a red light and suddenly felt Delphi lurch. I figured that I had just stalled her, which is not unheard of, but Andrew said, “Did that guy just hit us?” I took stock of the car, and noticed that Delphi was still running — I couldn’t have stalled her. So, I put her in park and got out to see if there was any damage to the car.

Now, any normal person, upon bumping another car, would get out to make sure that they did not do any damage. Apparently the guy driving the car that hit Delphi was not normal. He just sat there in his car. Like a total f***ing moron. I checked the bumper, and there was no damage. Not even paint missing, but still, he should have at the very least poked his head out the window to talk with me. It wasn’t worth bothering, so I got back into Delphi and headed on home. What the hell is wrong with people, though? If I accidentally bumped a car, I’d be the first one out. I’d be pulling out my driver’s license and insurance card to appease the person in the other car.

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