Pandamania, Trip 6

Posted by barb on Aug 8, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures |

We are not insane. I just want to see allof the pandas, that’s all.

We went out on our sixth panda hunting trip today. This trip was not as prolific as previous trips because we’re starting to go for the pandas that are out in the fringes. We spend way more time on the Metro than actually seeing pandas.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr.

While we didn’t see as many pandas today, we saw a lot more that were intersting than on our previous trip. Here a just a couple of my favorites:

Bearnaked Ladies
Bearnaked Ladies Bearnaked Ladies
Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda
Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda

Oh and one other thing we saw was almost too weird to be beilevable. When we approached the Panda of the Opera, there was a little girl there with a Crayola marker, drawing on his vest. Where were her parents? Her mother was standing there watching. What is wrong with people? Fortunately Andrew walked up the the girl and gently pulled the marker away from the panda and said something like, “These are not to draw on.” The mother and daughter then returned into a nearby restaurant. If I had taken care of the situation, I would likely be in jail right now for assault and battery. What f*&#ing nerve.

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