The Bourne Supremacy

Posted by barb on Aug 30, 2004 in Movies |

3/5 stars

Except for the annoying cinematography, I quite liked this movie. I think that even someone who hasn’t seen the first one could get what’s going on fairly quickly, though some of the specifics of the “Treadstone” project would remain murky.

Sadly, the cinematography nearly ruined the movie. Much of it is filmed in a jumpy, hand-held style…picture Blair Witch but without the cameraperson as part of the cast. This style worked well for the fight scenes. And, in fact, it probably would have worked well in some of the what-the-hell-is-he-doing-now CIA office scenes. But the use of it became gratuituous, and it felt as if about half of the film, or more, was done in this style. Both Andrew and I felt barfy on the way out.

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