Blissful Ignorance

Posted by barb on Sep 9, 2004 in Wedding |

My aunt Maggie called me last night to see how I was holding up in the face of all the wedding plans. That’s weird, I thought. Why should I be nervous?

And then I thought a bit more….and realized that THE WEDDING IS ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY. I suppose that should make me a bit nervous.

Truth is, though, that since the dress arrived, I don’t feel terribly nervous. I’m constantly thinking about the wedding, and wondering if there’s something else that needs to be done. But I’m not actively nervous. Pretty much everything is in place. I just need to polish my circlet and print and assemble the programs, and I think that’s all that really needs doing until a couple days before the wedding.

Perhaps this is just the calm before the storm…

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