Hole in the Wall Books (II)

Posted by barb on Sep 4, 2004 in Biking, Books, Pictures |

We biked up to Hole in the Wall Books again today. We didn’t have very much time last Thursday, since we needed to get back to the car before it got too dark, so we decided to head out again today and take our time at the bookstore.

The ride feels shorter and shorter each time that we do it. Today, like Thursday, I actually made it up the big hill going east just after the Beltway. But today, unlike Thursday, I also made it up that same hill going the other way. Whoo Hoo!

Our destination:
Hole in the Wall Books

After we got back, Groom Bear, in the back seat of the car, felt the need to be protected from my driving:
Groombear safe in the back seat

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