Learning to roll with it…

Posted by barb on Sep 15, 2004 in Wedding |

Apparently five days before the wedding is when things get interesting…

I just got a phone call from a Reverend Snavely. Sadly, my response to her telling her name was, “You’re who?” (and I said this fairly sharply). I may have come across as a bit of a bitch.

She told me her name again, and mentioned that she’d left a message for me at work, which I had not gotten. It turns out that Reverend Gaffney, who was going to perform our wedding, is in South Carolina recovering from triple by-pass surgery. Fortunately he is doing just fine, but obviously will not be available for our wedding. The good news is that his wife had contacted Rev. Snavely, and she has agreed to perform the wedding in his stead.

It’s all good.

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