Wedding Day Afterthoughts

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Several people say that they forgot everything about their wedding day (though, coincidentally they were people who were either not happy with their wedding or their marriage), so after the ceremony Andrew and I sat in our hotel room just talking about the day. I didn’t want to forget anything. It’s hardly complete, but I came up with a list of things to remember about the day.

  • The wedding grasshopper was hilarious. Sweetie, Suzanne and I walked out of Starbucks to find a grasshopper on the roof of the car. While this might not seem odd, it was still there after a 10 mile drive on the beltway at 70 mph and a bumpy ride through Old Town Alexandria. It was there after we’d spend a half hour in my Mom’s room, stayed on while we drove the mile to the salon, and might have even been there after we had gotten our hair done (I don’t remember…)
  • “Bride sandwich” was shouted several times as we were posing for pictures.
  • Mushi was quite happy that we waited for the ceremony to begin in the “tool room” of the planetarium. We all picked items we wanted to take home with us, though I can’t remember what I wanted…might have been the Mars globe.
  • The stormtrooper in the back room was funny. I made the photographer take my picture with it, and then after the ceremony we dragged it out for a couple shots with the wedding party.
  • There were 67 bobby pins holding my hair up.
  • The girls made me cry before we left for the ceremony by saying their favorite thing about me. Suzanne said it was that we could just pick up where we were whenever we got together, whether it was a day, a month, or a year from the last time we’d seen each other. Sweetie said that it was that I say “Yay” whenever she calls with good news. Mom said that it was that I put up with her and something else, but I’ve forgotten. Mushi said that she’s as close to me as her childhood best friend, even though she’s known me for only half as long. I was already feeling great before we were going to head off to the ceremony, but that made me feel even better. I love my girls!
  • At one point I noticed my niece, Kira, turned around in her chair looking at us, singing her ABCs. I joined in, and the head table grew silent as, I think, everyone tried to figure out if I’d gone crazy or what. When they saw Kira singing, the girls joined me in singing with her.
  • Mom said that at one point she tried to sing with Kira and play with her, but Kira shushed her and pushed her away because she wanted to watch me. I did notice that almost every time I looked, Kira was turned around in her chair watching me.
  • Monday morning we saw Kira when we stopped home before heading off to the B&B in Purcelville. She asked if we could go back to Auntie Barb’s wedding. Apparently she’d been asking all morning. I think she had a good time!
  • I tried to give a toast after dinner — I’m not sure what actually came out of my mouth, but I had something really good planned in my head. I could hardly make it through, though, and when I was toasting my parents, I completely forgot how I was going to end it. Fortunately, this got a laugh out of everyone, and lightened the mood a bit. Mom said that she thought everyone needed it.
  • I regret that I didn’t find a job for my nephew Brock. I asked his dad if he thought Brock would want to do something, but Kevin didn’t really know. I decided to just let him enjoy, but he asked once what his job was. We did give him a couple of the disposable cameras at the reception, and he enjoyed taking pictures. I think for the Minnesota reception in a few weeks I’ll either buy him a film camera and a bunch of film or put him in charge of my digital camera.

That’s all I can think of for now. Much of what I want to remember will be documented in pictures, so I look forward to seeing the photographer’s pictures and the pictures from the disposable cameras (which we’ll get back on Tuesday or Wednesday).

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