Wedding Day Dressing and Waiting

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After we arrived back from the salon, the girls got dressed first. Here’s a great shot of Mushi’s hair as she’s zipping Mom into her dress.
Mushi zipping up Mom

The first thing I put on was my wedding tennis shoes:
My wedding-shoes

Then the girls cinched me into my dress:
The girls cinching up my dress

Once I was dressed, we realized that there would be wedding guests milling about in the lobby of the hotel, since there was a van waiting to take them to the wedding. Sweetie pointed out that this is considered bad luck to have the guests see the bride before the wedding, so we had Dad move his minivan to around the side of the hotel, and Mushi and I escaped out of an Emergency Exit (which was okayed by the front desk).
Escaping out the back of the hotel to Dad's waiting minivan

We arrived at the planetarium 20 minutes later, and I was wisked away into the back room to wait. Andrew was not going to see me before the wedding, so he and Greg were waiting in the planetarium director’s office. The girls and I were in the back storage room, which had cool tools and globes and things.

I have no idea what each of us was doing in this picture, but it looks like a study into the various stages of insanity:
Three stages of psychosis

Here’s a nice one of us girls, just about to go line up:
Three happy girls waiting for the wedding

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