Wedding Day Hair and Make-up

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We arrived at PR and Partners a bit early for our 10:30 AM appointment, so decided to take a before picture:
We weren't looking good before our wedding make-overs!
(Mom didn’t seem to want to be in the picture…I wonder why not!)

They started with me and Mom. My hair needed a bit of body, so Gina put my hair in rollers with gel and then stuck me under the dryer.
Me under the hair dryer

Karina took care of Mom’s hair and make-up while I was still under the dryer (for ever and ever and ever).
Mom getting her hair done

When Karina started on Sweetie, I asked for my camera, since Sweetie had been taking many of the pictures (that and Mom and Suzanne disappeared to seek out new shoes for mom, so it was just me, Sweetie and Mushi, and they were both busy having their hair done). Anyway, Karina had a very fine glitter on her hands, and it got onto my lens.
A glittery lens
I worked at getting the glitter out, and finally was mostly sucessful.

Here’s Sweetie getting finished up:
Sweetie getting her make-up

I’m finally out from the dryer, and everyone but me is having lunch. I have no idea what Mushi is doing behind me…
Mushi doing goddess-knows-what behind my pretty hair

Through all of this Suzanne is an absolute goddess. She ran out to grab pop for all of us, and she called in our lunch order. She ran out to get a new silver chain for Mushi, since the one I had bought was a bit too short. She helped Mom get new shoes after Mom’s hair was done. She grabbed our lunch with Mom’s help (I think). She ran around making sure we all had what we needed. I don’t think today would have gone as smoothly as it did without her. Thanks, Suzanne!
Suzanne taking lunch orders

We finally left the salon at about 1:30 PM, and headed back to Mom’s room to get dressed.

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