Wedding Day Morning

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I did not sleep last night. I tried and tried and tried, and despite the large amount of Bailey’s that the girls gave me, I just couldn’t. I wasn’t actually nervous about the wedding, but excited. I kept thinking about how cool the ceremony was going to be, how great Andrew looked in his tux, how beautiful I would be in my dress with my hair and make-up all done, and on and on and on. I think I did dose for a bit between 5 AM and 7 AM, but I remember every other hour of the night. Sigh. That’s a zombie bride, not a blushing bride!

After a quick shower, Sweetie, Suzanne and I went on our way to my parents’ hotel, with a quick stop for wedding-day Starbuck’s on the way.
Me and the girls getting our jump-start at Starbucks

When we got back out to the car, there was a grasshopper on the roof of the car. I had to have a picture of the wedding-day grasshopper
Wedding grasshopper

We also had to stop in Alexandria at the historic cobblestone road for a quick picture.
Me and the girls on an historical cobblestone road in Alexandria
(Those dogs were with the nice lady who stopped to take our picture.)

Oddly enough, the grasshopper was still on the car after pictures at the cobblestone road. This is even weirder considering it had to stay on the car during a 10-mile ride on the beltway at about 70 mph!

We actually arrived at my parents’ hotel room just on time — a switch for me, since all week I’ve been running about 15-20 minutes late. We waited around for a while, and Mushi joined us, before heading off to get our hair done.

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