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by Mary Shelley

I’m always a bit apprehensive when I pick up a piece of “classic” literature. I remember reading classics in school and finding them hard to read and esoteric. Once again, though, I was surprised at how much I enjoy the classics — at least this one.

We all think we know the story of Frankenstein. A scientist goes against God and creates life, but is destroyed by his hubris, by his creation. Right? Well, yes, but we don’t really know the story of Frankenstein as Shelley originally told it. The “monster” that Shelley created was intelligent. He finds out what society is, tries to join it to have some companionship, and failing that he plots to force his creator to make him a companion. This is not your Bela Lugosi monster, but an eloquent, thinking monster. And, frankly, a much better story than we all know.

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