Posted by barb on Dec 26, 2004 in Movies |

3.5/5 stars

This documentary digs into the lives of five cinephiliacs — people obsessed with movies. The people in this group average at least two movies per day (probably more for the ones that don’t have regular jobs). They schedule their films meticulously, factoring in subway times, etc., to maximize the number of films they can see in one day. These are not films at multiplexes, for the most part — these are the older films that film societies and restored movie-houses show, though the occasional trip to a multiplex is not out of the question.

This was not nearly as depressing as American Movie, though I came out wondering what kind of life these people have. I suppose that if this is something that gives them joy, that’s their business, but on the other hand, it seems that they are missing out on so much more in life (like girlfriends/boyfriends, for one thing).

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