Trekkies 2

Posted by barb on Dec 4, 2004 in Movies |

4/5 stars

We watched Trekkies several years ago, and found it a fun documentary on the “out there” Star Trek fans. Some people complained that it made Trekkers look like freaks, but as someone pointed out in Trekkies 2, a documentary about the average Star Trek fan would be fairly boring.

With Trekkies 2 we look the broader picture of Trekkers across the world. In the first movie, they only looked at US Trekkers, but this one travels to Germany, Brazil, and England. They were even there for the first ever Star Trek convention in Serbia.

There were also a few follow-ups with people from the first film. They caught up with Barbara Adams, who had gone to jury duty in her Federation uniform prior to the first Trekkies. They also talked with Gabriel Köerner, who was a teenager in the first Trekkies, and it was speculated by someone that he would never get sex. He is now married. The extras on the DVD included a fan film by Köerner.

This one can stand by itself. The first Trekkies included more on the history of Trekkers, but that’s not necessary to enjoy the stories of Trekkies abroad.

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