Black Thorn, Red Rose

Posted by barb on Jan 15, 2005 in Books |

This is an excellent collection of short stories based on classic fairy tales. I enjoyed virtually all of the stories (with the exception of “The Frog King, or Iron Henry”), most notably:

  • “Stronger Than Time” by Patricia C. Wrede
    This is a retelling of the classic sleeping beauty (actually a few renditions of the sleeping beauty story appear in this collection, but this was by far my favorite), in which we find a prince trying to undo a mistake he made long ago.
  • “Can’t Catch Me” by Michael Cadnum
    This story is told from the point of view of the Gingerbread Man.
  • “The Goose Girl” by Tim Wynne-Jones
    A retelling of the goose girl story from the Prince’s point of view.
  • “Godson” by Roger Zelazny
    A story based on a German fairy tale found in the Brothers’ Grimm collections (though I don’t actually know which one, and the intro didn’t say so-as not to give anything away). It’s about a child who has as his godfather…satan? Not exactly, more like a keeper of human life.

There are more collections like this from the same editors, and a series of novels based on fairy tales, all of which I’m looking forward to delving into them.


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