Meeting with Chris

Posted by barb on Feb 11, 2005 in Thesis/Grad Life |

Met with Chris today. Yup, just Chris — Kim had a family emergency earlier this week, so she was catching up in the office. I decided to keep our meeting, though, since we hadn’t met since December.

It was a good meeting. We clarified a few things that we had discussed last time, and decided that I really am ready to just chug through the data. I have a few tweaks that I’d like to make to the pipeline, but should be done with those this coming week, and then I’m going to just let’er rip.

Since Kim was unavailable, we decided to meet at Chris’ office at the University instead of GSFC. I hadn’t been to campus since last fall when I had to set up my funding again, and that time I was able to escape without talking with anyone besides the human resources person. This time I ran into a few people, and had a chance to catch up. Very few of the grad students I knew are still there — that’s what happens when you take a year and a half off — so I didn’t recognize many of the faces in the grad offices.


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