Lock the doors, you moron!

Posted by barb on Mar 21, 2005 in Random Thoughts |

The last four or five times that I’ve parked my car in a lot (i.e. not just outside the house), I have forgotten to lock the doors.

Last summer I bought a new car — you know, one with the spiffy automatic locks that you can trigger from your key chain. It was a novelty for a while. Ooo, look at me, I have the power to remotely unlock my doors. (Okay, so it’s not a big deal to most people, but I’d been a poor student for so long that I figured I would never have a new car, let alone one with spiffy remote locks. Laugh at me if you must.)

Apparently the novelty has worn off, because I keep forgetting to zap my car when I get out. Several times, it has only been Andrew’s prompting that has gotten the doors locked. And the times that I have remembered in the past week, I’ve zapped the car two or three times, just to make up for the times that I’ve forgotten…as if that’s going to do any good.

So, if you see me in a parking lot in the near future, just give me a holler — “Lock the doors, you moron!.” My car will blink a happy greeting.


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