28 Days Later

Posted by barb on Apr 30, 2005 in Movies |

1/5 stars

While Andrew disagreed, this movie had the feeling of a SciFi Channel horror flick.

The general story is that a guy wakes up from a 28-day coma and finds that everyone in the city is gone. Well, not everyone — the people that he finds are insane — infected with something, and out to kill anyone who is not infected.

The quality of the film itself was better than a SciFi Channel movie, the filming, pacing, and situations felt much like the formulaic flicks on SciFi. The music was distracting at times, often not at all in-line with the happenings of the film (or the overall tone of the film). And, basically, I was bored (yet too tired to actually move away from the TV…sigh, that’s pathetic).


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