Weirdness in the Blogosphere

Posted by barb on Apr 1, 2005 in Random Thoughts |

There’s a lot of weird things happening today…

  • Water on Mars! — APOD has a picture of water on Mars!
  • Google Gulp — Google is moving into the beverage business
  • Bloglines adds Klingon — Bloglines added the Klingon language to their services.

    “The custom of sharing grand stories of conquest and battle has a long standing history among the Klingon people,” said Mark Fletcher, founder of Bloglines. “Blogging is simply an easy way to continue the tradition while stuck in deep space, away from your family. We feel that presenting Bloglines in the Warrior Tongue was long overdue.”

  • President Bush Shuts Down Shuttle Program

    During a brief two-minute period provided for questions from the press, the first reporter asked if this meant the Space Station was also being shut down. To which the President answered, “we plan to either hold an auction on Ebay or give it away to “our international partners.


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