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Posted by barb on May 17, 2005 in TV |

I can’t be the only person who enjoyed Enterprise, because it did stay on the air for four seasons, and I was a bit sad to see it go. I was more sad to see it go with such a sucky finale.

< Possible spoilers ahead >

Why the hell did they move the focus of the finale from the cast of Enterprise to Riker? I like Riker as much as the next woman (he’s nice to look at, afterall), but framing the story as a holodeck recreation of historic events did not add anything to the story. In fact, it detracted from it. It would have been far more interesting to see the story unfolding from the crew’s perspective than watching it from an historic perspective.

They also gave away Tucker’s death in the first quarter of the show. It would have been far more powerful, and shocking, not to have that knowledge ahead of time. Perhpas too shocking, but come on, that was the only really shocking moment of the whole episode.

Why frame this in the Pegasus TNG episode? I don’t believe for a moment that Riker would have confided in Troi before Picard on the truth behind the Pegasus’ fate. And how were they comparing Riker’s decision to tell Picard about the Pegasus’ cloaking device with Tucker’s decision to destroy himself to save the captain? Let’s see, breaking a direct order or save your own butt versus letting the captain die or killing yourself to make sure the captain lives. Yeah, those are the same thing.

It’s best to ignore the finale. I’ll do my best to forget it.



May 18, 2005 at 6:32 pm

While I desparetly wanted to like this show, and this season before the cancellation announcement was showing signs of life. But with the mirror, mirror universe episode till the end, it just got worse and worse. I was kind of glad to see it put out of its misery.

May 20, 2005 at 8:54 am

It was clear to me that, after a season of Manny Coto and Reeves-Stevens goodness, tired old Rick Berman stuck in his mangled claw and mucked with the finale. He denies it, and in fact denies that this last season was so good because the new energy and direction Coto brought to the series, but his stink is all over that ep.
Trip didn’t die that way. You can’t make me believe it. Must be an error in the historical records.


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