The Companions

Posted by barb on Jun 12, 2005 in Books |

by Sheri S. Tepper

As is typical of the Tepper books I’ve read, she paints a rather depressing picture of Earth’s future, with a decimated environment and overcrowding that taxes the few remaining natural resources. A group (IGI-HFO, or In God’s Image – Humans First and Only) has called for all animal life to be eradicated to leave more resources for humans.

But in this desolation, Tepper remains optimistic on human nature — at least the human nature in a few strong people who can affect change in the world. As with most Tepper novels, the main character is a multi-faceted, interesting, strong female. Jewel Delis has worked with domestic animals since before the IGI-HFO people banished all except laboratory animals. Her brother works as a linguist, and often brings her along as an assistant on his travels to other worlds, not knowing that she really works for arkists, the group secretly trying preserve animal life on other planets.

Excellent read.


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