March of the Penguins

Posted by barb on Jul 14, 2005 in Movies |

4/5 stars

I’ve always loved penguins. I’ve only seen them at a zoo once, but no matter — they’re cute nonetheless. This film is about the grueling mating ritual and subsequent egg/baby care that the emperor penguins go through every year. It was made somewhat more real because the scenes we watched are happening right now, as it is currently the Antarctic winter.

Overall this was an excellent film. My only complaint is that some of the scenes appear to be done with either time-lapse or sped-up film, and it’s not always clear when this is in use. For example, there was a scene where one of the penguin eggs fell on the ice and cracked, and we see the frost forming very quickly. It could certainly be real-time with the Antarctic temperatures, but we don’t know for sure.

[IMDB link for March of the Penguins]


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