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Posted by barb on Nov 13, 2005 in Movies |

Went to a couple movies this weekend:

  • Dreamer
    3/5 stars
    Cute feel-good movie, though no surprises if you’ve seen the trailers
    [IMDB link for Dreamer]
  • Good Night, and Good Luck.
    4/5 stars
    As Andrew said after the moive, “TV was sure different back then.”

    In 1953, Edward R. Murrow, a respected CBS newsman, chose to broadcast a couple shows dealing with Senator McCarthy and his communism witch-hunt. Needless to say, at that time it was dangerous for anyone to speak out against McCarthy, and there were lost of white knuckles in the CBS newsroom.

    The film was very well done, and one of the first with George Clooney where I felt that he wasn’t just recycling Dr. Ross from ER.
    [IMDB link for Good Night, and Good Luck]

We also spent our evenings this weekend re-watching the Harry Potter movies – I am sooooo looking forward to The Goblet of Fire next weekend!!


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