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When I hopped into my car last night to go home (late, thank you very much), the radio was playing classical music. Odd. It’s not that I don’t like classical music – I just don’t listen to it in the car much. In fact, for driving to/from work, I generally need music that I can sing along with. That way, if I get stuck in traffic, it’s not so bad because I just sing along with the radio. So, when I turned the car off, the radio was playing the Z104 morning show and “modern” rock (whatever that means). That’s why it was a shock to hear classical music playing when I turned the car back on.

Turns out that Z104 went off the air yesterday at noon. I don’t recall any warning yesterday morning about that, but then, I was listening in traffic and then at work, so I didn’t have my full attention on the station. Still, one might think there’d be some warning.

This morning, when I hopped into the car, I didn’t know what do to. I liked the Z104 morning show. It was the thing that got me going in the morning, and I’d get my traffic and weather for the day on my way to work. I spun the dial a bit, but the other “modern rock” stations were playing rap or harder rock, which I don’t really like. Instead I started up the CD I had in the player (Barenaked Ladies, Barenaked for the Holidays).

I used to listen to a different station most of the time, but once I discovered Z104, I just left my dial there, since I liked about 90% of the songs they played. That, and they didn’t seem to have as many commercial breaks as the other station I listened to. I don’t want to go back to the old station. I don’t like the other “modern rock” stations in town. Guess I’ll need to get my iPod radio transmitter back in the car so I can just create my own radio station. Ugh.


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Jan 6, 2006 at 2:19 pm

glad to know that I’m not the only one thoroughly p.o’d by this development! I love how the link for z104radio refers you to the other stations in town- like the Howard Stern-wannabe on DC101 even comes close for a morning show?
*sigh* Matthew Blades was the closest thing to a good morning DJ that I’ve found since leaving the West Coast. Maybe I’ll be getting XM after all…


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