Quiet Weekend

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After the hellish week I had, we decided to have a quiet weekend at home. We rented a couple of PS2 games (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and X-Files: Resist or Serve), and I gamed much of Friday, since I’d already put in more than my 30 hours.

Harry Potter was quite fun, though we came close to defeating the game by the end of Saturday. (We had gotten to Voldemort, but didn’t quite defeat him – we didn’t try again, but most of the fun of the game was done.) Goblet of Fire can be played by two players simultaneously for many of the levels – not the Tri-Wizard challenges or final fight with Voldemort, but all other levels. So, Andrew and I were able to play together, which I think is the first time we’ve done that. I can hardly wait to pull out Tak and Lok and play that with Andrew.

The rest of the weekend I spent scrapbooking. I finished up the “Wedding Odds ‘n’ Ends” book that I’d been working on. Here are a few of the spreads I did:
Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread  Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread  Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread

You can check out all of my scrapbook photos on Flickr. Next up? The eclipse cruise scrapbook!

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Apr 19, 2006 at 10:23 am

These look fantastic! I can’t wait to scrap with you this weekend!! I can’t wait to see the pics in person, hear all the stories, and see what papers you picked to scrap on! I have been frustrated and not scraping because my computer has been gone and I have no felt like using JD’s to get some prints off the computer so I can scrap. Why can’t the photos I want just magically be ready for me to scrap? Oh well, I will be using JD’s to get some pics off soon so I have some to scrap this weekend!! Either that or I’ll just watch you guys – Nah!! I have some ideas floating in my head, things I want to try. Anyway, these are fab!!


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