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Posted by barb on Apr 27, 2006 in Random Thoughts |
  • I saw the coolest company name this morning on my way to work: Cleany Boppers. I don’t know what they do, and I can’t say they’re any good at it, but clever name!
  • Tried the new Diet Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream this morning. It was good, very berry-y, but almost too sweet.
  • The ads I see while watching TV tell me that I don’t watch the most sophisticated shows. (Car title loans, “your job is your credit” car dealer, we-take-anyone insurance, if-you’ve-been-injured-then-sue law firms, payday loans)
  • Is it just me, or are car manufacturers making blinkers really hard to turn on? My car seems fine, but a least half the cars I encounter on my way to work seem to have trouble with it.
  • It looks like I’ll be back up to half-time soon – someone at work looked for money to pay me to work on E/PO, and found some! Yay!
  • Ares has been in violation of House Ordinance 0001-A, which states that “no kitten shall display his or her tumbly in the house except when cleaning his- or herself.” I’ve had to take drastic measures; namely, petting him to within an inch of his tiny self.
  • Why do all of the animated movies coming out in the next couple months look completely uninteresting? Does Disney or Pixar not take pride anymore to produce quality stories along with their quality animation?
  • The sudden car crash interrupting a random conversation is now officially cliche.
  • I’ve officially become addicted to scrapping. There, I’ve said it.

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