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Posted by barb on Sep 28, 2007 in Random Thoughts |

Most commercials are merely annoying, very few entertaining, but lately I’ve been hearing (on the radio) and seeing some creepy commercials. Here’s a few of them:

  • Lasik commercial – There’s a local (I think) radio ad featuring a woman talking about her fears getting lasik surgery. She says that she put it off for a long time, and finally was convinced by the region’s best (in her opinion) lasik surgeon. After her surgery, she looks up at the surgeon and says something like “Thank you, dear”, because afterall, the surgeon is her husband.

    Bah? Ick! I thought one of the big ethical “rules” of medicine was that you do not treat family members. But here they are trying to use this as a reason that I should go to this guy? I think not.

  • Car dealer commercial – There’s a car dealer here that helps local buyers get imported cars (possibly Mercedes, but I can’t remember) directly from the factory. They even set up trips to the factory in Europe.

    Their commercials try to highlight how helpful their staff is. In one commercial, the salesperson talks about one of his clients. During the long process of acquiring one of these cars this client’s father dies. The salesperson goes to the father’s funeral. ‘Scuse me? This guy I hardly know, who is helping me to buy a very expensive car, goes to my father’s funeral? I think not. That’s not comforting; it’s creepy.

  • CVS commercial – One of the recent CVS commercials aims to show how caring and compassionate their pharmacists are. The pharmacist in this commercial talks about how concerned he is about the medications that his customers use. The reason this is creepy is that the way he was talking made it sound like he was willing to play “god” with our medications – like he would be willing to refuse to fill a prescription for, say, birth control or the morning after pill.

What have you heard or seen in an ad that’s creeped you out?


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